ShaKeyLead Solutions

Shakeylead’s mission is to facilitate official and legal activities of corporates and individuals through its services and solutions currently including Digital signature, contract management and online authentication.

Online Authentication

Through, the online authentication service, users’ identities is verified according to predetermined factors such as international ID items, face matching, liveness verification  and other customizable factors.


Digital Signature

Apply for your Authorized CA digital certificate through mobile application, receive the documents of other parties from their admin panel, then sign and send your intended ones.

Contract Management

Manage your documents and contracts fast and easily.

About Shakeylead

Shakeylead was established in 2020 as a subsidiary of Adanic  Company at first, and now having many satisfied customers in banking, financial and other areas, it has adhered to continuous growth and development in its early stage. Shakeylead honors its exceptionally proficient and professional staff, who provide clients with agile innovative and quality solutions.

Shakeylead currently concentrates on digital identify and authentication solutions with its three main services covering those areas including, the online authentication service, its Digital signature application and web panel solution, and contract management service.

Shakeylead’s goal is to deliver quality services to all those who benefit, and welcomes novel Ideas, interested minds and collaborative parties for further technologic achievements.

Shakeylead Customers

Our customers and collaborators that credit to our company.


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